time passing

No matter what I always try to come back to my blogs,  Time flies for me at the moment and I just can’t seem to forget my blogs.  

Always looking at my work I am really worn down and tired recently, India and the time I have been here has taken a massive personal and professional toll.  However it has not stopped me working on my brand which will be relaunched as a whole new concept very soon with the JamesC banner taking forefront on all this, 

I am personally grateful to my family for supporting me and the people around me at this time as I rethink my priorities and plans.  

Sometimes its all you can do.  

As Dido said in her song: “there will be no white flag above my door.” 

I will be back working soon and showcasing new concepts both in video and images so stay tuned.  

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So what I’m still a rock star

So what pink
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"So funny I can’t stand it

Like the theme tune to daria my life is so funny I can’t stand it.  I must be from another planet.

Feeling a little flat I’m sitting at ccd (cafe coffee day) alone and feeling a little worn down.

To much coffee maybe, never thought id say that after 2 coffees!

Although positive about the future I’m a little worn around the edges and think a break is massively overdue.

With projects and plans delayed due human error (in some time the vaguest response to All problems).

I’m in a contemplative mood.  Single, wanted in the way a spoiled child wants a toy: only when someone else shows interest, I think walking alone is a perfect solution.  Taking a step back to look at my career and plans is next on the agenda.

Descisions on my imminent uk return are being made and the past Will stay firmly where it belongs behind me. 

A nice trip to london on business and to see old friends is on the cards as well as a return to a few old haunts and seeing family.

I sometimes feeling Very old in my own skin.

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Jamesc brand

The constant changes and what seems like endless things that need to be dealt with are a chore but worth it.  Slow but steady progress.

New people are showing interested in the JamesC collection everyday and I’m gradually seeing more people coming to the table as investors looking to buy a piece of the JamesC brand in their territry.  Not a franchise as such but definetly flattering

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I’ve heard it All before and I can take care of myself

Madonna sorry
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Choke on guilt that’s far to good for you. Say one word I’ll laugh and bury you, leave you in the place where you left me……

As heaven is wide garbage
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So you don’t like me?  Ok let me mull that over while I carry on regardless.

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You brn me out but I’m back at your door like joan of arc coming back for more… 

Garbage (shirley manson)
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